Thursday, August 18, 2016

thursday at the salon...

School rush is over, now it's the parents time to get their hair done. Whether it be color, the rich brown with a Swiss Mocha topcoat on the client at the top of the pag(by Pam) e, or the fade clipper cut for the dad getting his hair done(by Betty); we at BBella are here for you.

Mondays and Fridays I am working on the desk now. It's different for me, not picking up the scissors on these days, but it is wonderful to chat with people, answer the phone or answer questions about hair products. I love BBella and the fact that people wander in for many things. Last week, two young Jewish guys came in looking to find connections to other Jewish families and earlier this summer visiting sky diver teams came in for hair cuts...I love the random tourist who comes in and wants to know what is there to see around Palmer.. 

from the guy coming in from the hallway looking for a comb for his beard to the toddler rushing in the salon for candy or to pet Patton...I love this salon.

Have a wonderful night!


Sunday, August 14, 2016

A good week...

I love BBella...from Mariah stopping in to visit and tell everyone how she is doing in her pregnancy (she is due very soon and is doing very well) to cutting my grandson's hair while he fights me to Tanna getting a bit of lunch in the midst of back to school haircuts is all good. We had wonderful people coming in and getting ready for school. I wondered at one point if there was a hidden camera somewhere when two Jewish guys came in and wanted to know where there were Jewish families in Palmer. They were very nice, they came from New York to build community for the Jewish people and that doesn't happen everyday. I really couldn't help them, although I offered that my sister lives in Jerusalem...

Lots of last minute haircuts and some bright colors. Some "hard parts" meaning actually using the clippers to detail the part grandson wanted clipper cut lines on his haircut, it reminded me of the 90's when we were stenciling in designs on closely shaved all comes back around.

the picture of the mules/cowboy is my friend/client's husband who has two beautiful mules. They look like horses with long ears to me..anyway, I thought i would throw their picture in there as well!

Can't believe it's the middle of August and school starts tomorrow and the FAIR starts too! It's the beginning of the end :}

ta da!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Got MY hair done...

Yes, it rarely happens, mostly because I can't sit still long enough to get my hair done, but today it happened. I needed some highlights and a trim and Christina helped me. Christina? Yep, the Christina who used to work at BBella back in the day. She left on maternity leave in 2008 to have Max and now is back. I am so happy, she is an amazing colorist and precision haircutter. She will be working Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. 

And yes, BBella will be open seven days a week again. I am going down to cutting hair three days a week. This aging thing is beginning to get to me. I have been cutting hair for 35 years. I know a big salon is not the way to slowing down, so I am not adding chairs. With two hairdressers expecting babies, I needed help. It's a process. Thank you for coming along for the ride! 


Saturday night

How Patton (the dog) looks tonight is how I feel. Long day. i am back here on the blog to let you guys know what's going on at BBella. things are changing again. maybe that's why i am tired :} stay tuned at this blog to learn what's up at the salon. where people are valued and art happens and hugs are given out freely and people come by just to touch base. a special place, bbella....not perfect...but special...